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First steps in the online league

1. Fill out registration

First you have to register. You can find the registration form on the left side. Just fill it out and look at your email adress to activate your account.

2. Create team

On the right side you you can enter your username and password. After the successfull login you will see a menu where you can change your profil, create a team or join team. Just take a little bit of time to get a feeling of what you can do in all areas.

3. Join league

To join a league you need a team and administration rights for the team. You got the rights automaticaly with the creation of the team. That is why you can join a league now. Click on the league area and select a league which you ant to join. Perhaps you will need a password to join the league. In this case read the league information to get further information.

Match from League Home Away Comment from
2022-06-13 21:51 [ LIGA 3.1] CW 5vs5 CORE [ PS4 ] Season 3 Until Cry Tactical Five aDiozZ_
Comment: Bitte aDiozZ_ adden. Da WhatsApp keine Antwort ka ...
2022-05-30 22:46 [ LIGA 3.1] CW 5vs5 CORE [ PS4 ] Season 3 Team LoyalZ Tactical Five Monigirlx33
Comment: Team LoyalZ nimmt Berlin & Bocage
2022-04-12 18:08 LIGA 3[PS4/PS5] CORE 5vs5 SnD [S2] Pizzamafia eSports Team Maytrix Soul Army Team Saints HobbyPrinzessin
Comment: gg echt starkes
2022-03-27 9:15 LIGA 2[PS4/PS5] CORE 5vs5 SnD [S2] BadDogs eSport Team Pressure Enigma7 Saint-Raziel
Comment: Bann: Demyansk, Oasis, Sub Pens, Red Star Pick: H ...
2022-02-16 1:31 [LIGA.B]Core-Premium-Liga-EFSL Soulmate Devils RaptorZ Alpha Gaming OwnedByBennii
Comment: Falscher Punkte stand wurde angegeben, letzte map ...
2022-03-27 9:12 LIGA 2[PS4/PS5] CORE 5vs5 SnD [S2] Enigma7 Stay Classy Team Lion Saint-Raziel
Comment: Bann: Oasis (E7) , Gavutu (SC), Red Star (E7), Dec ...
2022-03-07 18:54 Season 1 [ XBOX ] / HC 5vs5 SnD UHawks Esports SypheX sX Amber
Comment: Match hat im gegenseitigem Einverständnis und oka ...
2022-03-07 18:54 Season 1 [ XBOX ] / HC 5vs5 SnD UHawks Esports SypheX UniqueHawksTrackZz
Comment: Uhawks spielt dir Karten gavutu und desert Siege
2022-03-07 18:54 Season 1 [ XBOX ] / HC 5vs5 SnD UHawks Esports SypheX sX Amber
Comment: Wie über WhatsApp besprochen, findet das Match he ...
2022-03-06 8:24 Season 1 [ XBOX ] / HC 5vs5 SnD UHawks Esports Next L3veL Gaming UniqueHawksTrackZz
Comment: Spiel findet am 8.2 um 20:30 statt. Uhawks nimmt d ...
There are currently no entries.

PS4 und TS3 Headset Anleitung


Zum nachlesen wurde für euch eine PDF  verfasst .

Moin Moin Liebe Fingersportler,

Bitte bei der Anmeldung nicht vergessen, den GameAccount einzutragen .

Dazu auf Kontrollzentrum -> Profilbereich -> GameAccounts verwalten -> "Konsole" -> dort eure PSN ID / XBox iD eintragen bitte achtet darauf, dass die ID 1 zu 1 übertragen wird.

LG Euer EFSL Team